How long do the band play for?

The band normally perform for a maximum of 3 hours with one break. If you are having an evening buffet this break will coincide with when your buffet is being served.

How much does the band cost?

The price of the band depends on various factors such as the location of your wedding reception/event and the date. Contact our booking agent Glen Houston Entertainment for a quote and any other booking enquiries.

Tel: 02825 879546
Mobile: 07711 890085
Email: info@ghentertainment.co.uk

My wedding reception is 'down south' would the band be prepared to travel?

Yes! Freefall have performed at weddings all over Ireland and frequently perform at weddings in the Republic of Ireland as well as in Northern Ireland.

I would love the band to play my first dance. Would this be possible?

Absolutely, Freefall would be delighted to perform your first fance for you. If your first dance isn't in our set we will be more than happy to learn it for you Provided we are given enough notice to learn the song and we feel we can do it justice.

Can you offer a DJ service after your performance?

Our booking agent Glen Houston Entertainment can provide you with a band and DJ package at a discounted rate when booking Freefall and a DJ together. The advantage of doing this is the band and DJ arrive and setup at the same time, ensuring a seamless handover between band and DJ.

Will the band be cheaper if booked without Glen Houston Entertainment?

Sorry, all our bookings have to go through our booking agent GH Entertainment's office.

This provides you with the peace of mind that once the booking is confirmed the band can not/will not cancel in order to take other bookings like some bands do.